Shut Down Mode

I decided that I would only blog every two days this year (apart from Weds because we usually have a trip/group) as having shifted to a more textbook style of learning I don’t have a lot of interesting photos anymore.

Trouble is 2 days is an awful long time to have to remember things for so I feel I am just scanning our planner churning the todolist back out.

Life is giving one of it’s periods of hurling balls of minor crap at us one after the other. Nothing major but I’m exhausted and lacking motivation at the moment. Ready to cocoon for a bit.

Anyway what have we done…
Monday was an at home day so we:
Used OS maps to identify patterns such as the CBD, Victorian terraces, interwar housing, business parks…
Carried on reading Machine Gunners
Learnt a bit about Florida
Read about and started planning a short essay on the development of castles
Sam did his online computer science tutorial
We sorted out some donations for various charities

Today was our social day. We had the last of our  Community themed Citizenship sessions and a county councillor came in to talk to them about what the role entails. Have enjoyed this group, definitely doing what a group activity should to me, got them talking, engaging and bouncing ideas of one another. They most certainly did not shame us with their questions to a politician this time (bad – aka hilarious – encounter with MP several years ago had given grounds for nervousness).
We had given ourselves an hour at the end of the session to sort out the group donations to charity. But the Councillor managed to last all session so there was 10 minutes of hurried throwing stuff in a bags and divvying jobs up between the adults before we ran off.
Afternoon was spent painting pottery with friends. A much needed piece of calm and I love watching kids chatting when really you wonder what they would find in common – 12yo boy/8yo girl. They always find something though, it’s one of the loveliest thing about home ed the lack of caring about age/gender.

 Considering that it might be time to start the big pre-Christmas house clean. Although we have 12 of Sam’s friends around one day next week to do something messy so might leave the living room until last šŸ˜€

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  1. I agree one of my favourite parts of home educating is watching how the kids don’t care about age or gender. They will chat / play / join in with anyone who is willing. Really Love that.

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