Off Piste

We’ve had 2 days at home to end the week.
I would say work was done quickly and efficiently but I would be lying. The actual planned work has taken virtually no time at all the random exploring of other directions has take up our days quite well though. 
Plus we’ve had Pete and my Dad popping in and out at various times contributing to not in routine feel. But been a nice go with it few days. All I wanted done achieved and a lot more besides.

Much of Thursday morning went on a creative writing project. Coming up with a creature and writing a story about it.

Maths was very quickly polished off. Geography was a look at employment in the UK and defining different employment sectors. History a look at the social repercussions of the Crusades. I need to source some decent resources to learn more about Islam he’s keen on understanding more about the history and conflicts in the Middle East.

We looked at gas pressure in Science. We froze a balloon and a plastic bottle of air to see what happened as the air cooled. Bottle worked as expected.

Balloon has given much discussion and contemplation (to me and Pete too) about why nothing happened.

To show heat and expension on gas we did the balloon over the top of plastic bottle, pop bottle in hot water trick. You can see a video on the facebook page.

We then spent about an hour taking photos of Sam through the bowl and reading up on refraction. Then some more time recording what happened to the water when blew air from the ballon pump on it.

We fished some of the crystals out that we’ve been growing – still trying to cultivate the one on the string.

Sam got distracted by reading his How It Works magazine over lunch and I got distracted by working on ideas for a future block for our Tues group.
Pete and my Dad turned up and the afternoon was spent chatting and doodling zentangles. I seem to have lost them though 🙁
We finished the afternoon with the last episode of Saints and Sinners.

Today was a slow start, as J had an inset day but was going in a bit later than normal as had GCSE revision sessions. Pete was lurking about too.
We spent most of our morning on maths. Sam did the games asked on Mathletics but then spent well over an hour on Live Mathletics. Before sitting down to read and discuss the Times.  I spent the morning working through exercises in J’s GCSE Maths revision guide.

We did the end of chapter exercises in the science book. 
Sam read more of his Crusades book over lunch.
This afternoon we finished off the Work pocket in our project on Colonial America.
Then curled up and read the Shadow of the Minotaur.

Very pleasant few days.


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