Political Play

To be honest I’ve kind of lost track of what we’ve been up to this week. Mentally my mind has been on work as was really enjoying a piece, GCSE revision with number one, admin jobs with HE groups and a rather interesting FutureLearn course.  Sam hasn’t seem to notice or care, he’s in quite a self driven mood and getting reasonably independent at the stuff I do ask of him.

We’re keeping up with recorder practice and poetry reading every day.
Monday morning was spent mostly on computer watching oracy and debating videos, doing Mathletics and having a Computer Science tutorial.
We squashed in some written maths on a new topic ‘number planes’ which he’s sailing through.
The afternoon was spent at the Town Hall with the Mayor and her Consort as a follow up to our citizenship group last half term (we’d run out of time to get it in). We saw the council chamber and the Mayor’s Parlour.
They were fabulous with the kids. We learnt about the work of the Mayor and Council and the elections and the history of some of the paraphanalia.  They were trying to encouraging the kids into local politics while scaring me off. Something I fancy when I have a bit more free time but they didn’t make it sound appealing. But if you think things should change you can only change them by doing something and that is always easier from the inside, so maybe… one day.

No idea what happened to Tuesday! I had a headache so sent Sam to his debating group with a friend and stayed home and worked.
Afternoon was spent learning more about monks (watching Saints and Sinners) and reading our new novel ‘Shadow of the Minotaur‘. Sure other stuff was done but I forget.

Weds was Maths and English. Geography looking at population density around the UK and History looking at a timeline of the crusades. We were looking at diffusion in science, we tried timing how long the air freshner took to be smelt from across the room. Sam having a heavy cold meant this didn’t work too well and the house got very smelly. Lots of time was spent on the games on the Parliament education site.
The afternoon was spent at HE group. I have never known such a quiet session, they were engaged in drawing or playing in the cupboard. I say this after nearly every session but as much as I moan about the HE community (or lack of community) in general we do get lovely people at the groups I run, kids and adults.  I actually got to speak to people which is rare. Hence no photos or any idea what Sam did drawing wise oops! Think we need another go at home – they were drawing zentangles. 

A nod to some of what I was up to workwise this week 🙂

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