Trying to pause

We’re ill. Finally succumbed to the colds that were doing the rounds over Christmas. Weekend was pretty much a wipe out.
Monday we managed all the usual maths, computer science, English, geography and breathing exercises. After lunch we had a bracing 1/2 hr on the beach and then an hour and a half having coffee and a play in the arcade. Proving a good idea for a not great weather social meet now we’re past softplay age.

Sam was booked in to a session at the Makery to do a Raspberry Pi session. I had coffee and read a book for half hour before retreating to the library to carry on my plan to work through Jack’s maths book.

It was 7.30 befor we got home and we both sort of collapsed.
The first thing Sam said this morning was I don’t feel well and then went back to sleep on the sofa.
When he awoke (me having cancelled us going to his oracy group) we did okay. Maths – still on number planes and algebra and he’s enjoying it, English he wrote the essay we’d done a plan for about why children like fantasy books – definitely have reasons for optimism on the writing side, this time last year it was still a struggle to get hime to write anything I thought we would take at least 2 years from Sep to get to what he’s currently managing. Some dictation and breathing exercises then a long play on Mathletics followed.
He spent the rest of the day watching documentaries about the weather from Richard Hammond. When he’s ill he retreats to sofa and rewatches Richard Hammond or Sam Willis documentaries. Lost track of how many times he’s watched these ones.
Then he played with Risk (he likes to play with the figures and the board) while I read aloud from Shadow of the Minotaur.
In the diary to go to London tomorrow. Given up that for an idea and having a very lazy day.

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