Shadow of the Minotaur

I like the Shadow of the Minotaur book because of its cool story. The story is about a kid called Pheonix who lives in a small town, his dad begins working for a game development company which is making a really realistic virtual reality game called The Legendeer. Things start going wrong when Pheonix and his dad get sucked inside the game, they manage to escape but Pheonix’s dad starts to spend all his time working on something to destroy thr game. One day Pheonix, his friend Laura, and Pheonix’s dad end up trapped inside the game. Pheonix and Laura have to beat Medusa but Laura gets kidnapped and they end up in the Minataur myth. They have to find their way through the Labyrinth to find a cheat which can get them home and destroy the game. Luckily the succeed but the game survives and plans to take over the world.

I liked this book because of the cool story line and the plot twists. It always made you excited for what would happen next. It also portrays Pheonix as a regular boy who is bullied because he loves ancient Greek legends and is a bit cowardly but becomes braver as he is sucked into the game and has to fight people and monsters, which I like a lot. I think this book would appeal to fans of Greek myths and the Percy Jackson series.

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