Life isn’t dull at the moment. Lots of variety to what we’re up to and Sam has a renewed interest in whittling to scare the bejezzus out of me. I am very good I hope at not showing my extreme terror of my child wielding a lethal weapon and occasionally saying ‘it’s alright,  no blood!’

We’re still managing breathing exercises and poetry every morning.
Monday had the usual maths and English and skype tutorial for computer science. We also baked biscuits and decorated them as atoms.  Purely for fun we also did the colour running from Skittles experiment (video on fb).
As well as edible atoms we made edible molecules from winegums and marshmallows. Plus managed a game of Chemistry Fluxx. I like this one, definitely something different.

We ticked the social box and getting outside with a walk to the beach and a  couple of hours playing pool and in the arcade with friends.

Tues we managed some maths before it was time to go out to our last debating session for our ‘big debate’. I have no photos as I was ‘chair’, sufficient to say it all went really well and we had a good laugh.  It’s not ideal going out in the morning we struggle with the routine but the sessions and the group are exactly what we want.
Afternoon, we finished maths and watch a documentary about the book Revelations of Divine Love. Plan was to do some other ‘book work’ but I wasn’t in the mood and Sam immediately declared he wasn’t either and wanted to whittle. So he whittled and I read aloud and did not panic.

Weds saw us up in London to see the Impressionists at Tate Britain (via Parliament Square and a look at the statues) and the Currency under Communism exhibition and the Medieval Europe gallery at the British Museum.

We also detoured to see the Sutton Hoo helmet (they have original and a replica of what they think it would have looked like) Plus the clock gallery. We like the oddities.
Thursday he asked to lie in. At 9.30 I woke him up but got into bed with my coffee and read to him until about 11am. Lovely start to the morning. Managed Maths and English before lunch (including catching up on Tues), plus some US geography.
Afternoon was spent playing board games and chatting with Grandad who was visiting. Plus some history (medieval towns) and geography (wealth disparities in Britain).

Friday had lots of maths. Working on probability.
Plus by request Live Mathletics. I was drawing nice graphs while revising GCSE maths šŸ™‚ English was done including spelling test. Lots more whittling while I finished reading Shadow of the Minotaur, then he wrote a book review.
After lunch he’d just started Science when the delivery man bought us a molecules kit with excellent timing. So we built some. The delivery included sandpaper so he went back to the figure he was whittling for a while before going on to computer to invade some nation or other.

Today had a session at the Makery and a chance to chat with some potential home educators.

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