Madness and Mayhem part 2

Wednesday, we left our core work in order to get some other things done.  Sam wrote thank you letters for his birthday presents and a letter to his penpal. 20151118_50 We sorted out the final bits for our rucksack for the Rucksack Project, a friend we were due to meet in Portsmouth had kindly agreed to drop it at the venue for me (as I’ve been too badly organised to get it to Fareham like I meant to).

We took some cheques in to the banks.  I showed Samhow to fill in the paying in book and gave it to him saying ‘it’s yours so you can do it’.  His response was ‘isn’t my bank HSBC?’  So we left Santander, where no one in the family has an account, and went to the right bank!  The boy’s confidence in dealing with practical things like this stands out.  Which is good as I’m obviously losing my marbles.

Into Portsmouth where we were meeting some friends to tour the Guildhall.  It had the potential to be really interesting, unfortunately the lady giving the tour was young and nervous and obviously had no idea how to engage with the kids.  Too much focus on the corporate/wedding side.  Sam was in an odd, hyper mood and hard work.  Was a good thing to do though and I saw things I didn’t know were there/hadn’t noticed, such as the murals in reception and a public exhibition of music in Portsmouth.

20151118_16 20151118_18 20151118_20 20151118_21


Here’s Susie photobombing Sam in revenge for his constant photobombing of everyone else’s photos. 20151118_43  Sam’s favourite bit.


The thing that caught me was this tree


What you can’t tell until you are up really close is that all the snowflakes are corporate logos.  It’s really, really clever!

20151118_40 20151118_38 20151118_37

Trying to blow away the madness 😉

20151118_49The last two days have been much needed home days.  Catching up on cleaning and work backlogs.

A little bit of what we’ve done.

Discussing ‘fantasy objects’ for creative writing.20151120_16 Catching up on our Christian stories work.  Writing a storyboard for Daniel in the Lion’s Den and learning about parables.20151120_14

Learning about volcanic intrusions and seeing how less dense liquids rise.20151120_6

Making chocolate covered prunes (and apricots) as part of work on Russia.  We also had kiev for tea.  We’ve spent a lot of time discussing communism and the USSR so okay kiev isn’t Russian but fell into our general area.

20151120_12 20151120_13

Carried on looking at Cezanne,20151120_18Moving on from portraits to still life we started with Three Skulls.  Focusing again on shading.


Scratch20151120_3 Kinect20151120_2 Reading and documentary watching also featured.  He’s loved Wild Weather and we watched something on volcanoes.  20151120_4

Ran out of steam this afternoon as had some sort of allergic reaction to something – lumps, watering eyes the works.  No idea what but a nap and a bath seem to have done the trick.  Wine and the Hobbit now.

Intermittent Signal

Nearly there with the finding the mojo thing but not quite.  Mentally have come out the funk I hope but practical stuff like unreliable internet signal and putting my knee out have hampered.

We have made the best of things and spent a lot of time reading together which is nice,  Aesop’s Fables, Enid Blyton’s Nature Book, Children’s Bible, various non-fiction relating to volcanoes and I managed to find a book about the Gunpowder plot suitable for Sam (everything else seemed to be written for 5 yos).  He also read a book of folk tales to himself inspired by the story from Writing With Ease this week – he’s gone on to read a few books following on from these exerts now.  He tells me he’s reading Lord of the Flies too and enjoying it :/

Maths has moved on to addition and subtraction and we’ve had fun with some games.  Still using the printable activities and online versions of Mathletics hand in hand and it’s working well, the playful/puzzle element works well for Sam.

English, as mentioned he’s been inspired to read the book from this week’s WWE Andrew Lang’s The Crimson Fairy Book, not something I’d have expected to appeal to him so always pleased when he tries something different.  We’ve had fun recapping adjectives in grammar.  In creative writing he designed a kingdom.

20151107_1  Have managed some practical stuff.  Pressure and volcanoes in other words mentos and cheap cola and lemonade.  I managed to end up dripping :/  Volcano jam tarts, but we didn’t make the main vents big enough so they exploded out of the sides.20151104_9 20151104_4 20151104_520151104_11Weather has really not been good (which hasn’t helped the knee) so there has been kinect and table tennis to burn energy, with Grandad and Jack respectively.20151107_2 20151107_3

By the end of the week I was a bit stir crazy but couldn’t think of anywhere that was inside, I could sit down and we both fanicied.  Then inspiration struck.  I spent Friday morning sitting on a friend’s sofa with cups of tea while Sam played Lego and Magic with his friends.

Weekend was productive.  I managed some work, lots of Futurelearn study and a thorough house clean as well as time spent relaxing with boys.  Bit of a Dr Who marathon.

Sam caught up with Art and started our Cezanne study by looking at the ‘Portrait of the Artist’s Son’.

He then drew a picture of Pete. Sorry for bad photo.

20151107_4Sam is still loving and made a character cake for his baker patch pretty much independently.

20151107_7 20151107_8 20151107_12 Then of course they were both on parade for Remembrance, first time in many years I haven’t been with them.


Missed lots like our Geography and RE projects but no photos to jog me and trying to recall too much for one post.  Lots of planning of days out and activities going on too.  Here’s too better internet signal and more regular blogging.