Da Vinci – Last Supper

Realised I missed our last Da Vinci art study.

We actually skipped one of them altogether as too ill but I’d planned the Last Supper to be our last one to tie in to Easter.


The Last Supper isn’t actually a fresco as it was painted on a dry wall.  However it looks like a fresco and in the spirit of trying something different we went for a fresco technique.  We mixed up plaster of paris in a plastic pot, when it was nearly set but still damp Sam painted it with normal block watercolours.

The idea was to do an ‘Easter theme’ but I’m told that each colour represents a season so not only is it ‘eastery’ it is ‘christmassy’ and ‘halloweeny’ too.  Not much you can say to that 🙂20150415_3

Milking it and the Mona Lisa

By late Weds evening both Sam and I were looking rough and feeling it too.  Day on the farm was lovely but triggered allergies and hay fever.  Yesterday morning we were left with the hangover feeling.  I know Sam was definitely feeling rough as his first words to me were “I don’t want to do art group today”.  So I cancelled it.  He rallied a bit during the day but didn’t go to Gang Show – having friends over for short time for Spanish drained him.

Soon became obvious we needed a day off routine, but no where near ill enough for complete abandonment.  So morning started curled up on the sofa watching War Time Farm, we’re loving the local aspect of it.

20150319_2We then carried on with our milk theme.  Earlier in the week we’d watched the online field trip from Tesco’s Eat Happy project and looked at this cd-rom.


We’d also done some taste tasting of various types.  Rice milk is vile!


and looked into pasteurisation.  He wrote a diary entry from the perspective of Louis Pasteur.


Yesterday was therefore about using milk.  Inspired by the farm ice cream on Tuesday we made vanilla custard, which has been chilling overnight ready to be frozen and churned today.

20150319_3 We also made ice cream in a bag.  It did freeze but didn’t taste great.  Provided fun though.

20150319_7 20150319_8With the left over egg whites from the custard and some manky looking bananas discovered at the bottom of the fruit basket we made cake.  May have started eating it before remembering to photograph.

20150319_9 20150319_10 While cake cooked we looked at homogenisation and testing knowledge with a quick crossword.20150320_4 After lunch and Spanish group we decided to do art just us.  Mona Lisa was the order of the day.  We talked about the idea of a ‘sitting’ and how models would pose day after day, how in the days before cameras this is how people had their likenesses recorded.  We also focused on the background and how this was an ‘imaginary landscape’.

So here is me with an ‘imaginary landscape’ – being shot by a space ship :S  Oil on canvas.  Haven’t used oils for ages forgot what a pain clean up is.

20150319_12Realised I never mention the worksheets we do on them.  We start off with a picture study in the Charlotte Mason tradition.  Look at the picture for a while and then draw from memory adding in as many details as we can.  We also do a fact worksheet recording the medium, date etc and most importantly looking at developing opinions on what he likes and doesn’t.  Here are the Vitruvian Man sheets – detailed art criticism is a work in progress.

20150320_5 20150320_6


Da Vinci – Vitruvian Man

After a couple of weeks detailed sketching work this week’s art was about having fun with an idea rather than any actual art skills.

We baked and decorated Vitruvian Gingerbread men.  Cut out two figures, ripped the arms and legs off one and stuck them to the other.  A finger dipped in water helped with the joining.

20150312_13 20150312_15 20150312_16We also drew around one of the children and made our own life size version.

20150312_12 20150312_18

Da Vinci Flower Studies

Today’s art group involved detailed observational drawings of spring flowers inspired by some of Da Vinci’s  flower sketches.


20150305_1620150305_13Camellia20150305_23 Various stages in the life cycle of daffodils20150305_24

Self portraits in the style of Da Vinci

This half term art group moves on to Leonardo Da Vinci.

We started, as we start every new artist, by reading our Anholt’s Artist book.  I really do love these – much better than the Katie series that people often recommend as an intro to art for little ones.


That took quite a while as we kept getting sidetracked down avenues of conversation.  Da Vinci really was an absolutely amazing character.

We looked at this picture.  Discussed that people believe it to be Da Vinci but due to the length of time and the patchy records it is not certain.

da vinci

The picture was drawn in red chalk so using mirrors and chalk we drew our own self portraits.