Picasso’s Baboon and Young

AKA Junk modelling.

We ended our study of Picasso by looking at some of the sculptures he made from materials scavenged from skips.  Then let the children loose with my ‘we can make something out of this’ box (well one of them ;)) and a load of tape.

Sam’s space ship


Michael’s fantastic man

Picasso’s Guitar

A move away from portraits this week.  Still enjoying Picasso.  This week we followed this activity.  We prepared a collage of ripped up scrap paper a few days ahead.  On the day they drew guitars with Sharpies.  Sam’s is a rock guitar if not obvious.  Then painted blocks of colour with poster paint.


Picasso’s Blue Period

This week’s art session focused on expressing moods and emotions through art and colour in particular.

Colours, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.

Pablo Picasso

We looked at an example of his blue period “Woman with crossed arms”, discussed why Picasso was sad and how this came across in the picture and followed up with this activity.  Love the result 🙂


Arty stuff

Started off the day with looking how our ice mobile worked.  Kind of is the best answer.  Think you need to live further north for this one.

20150122_10 We’d collected some natural materials and arranged them in shallow containers, filled with water and laid a ribbon over the top before leaving in the garden overnight on a very cold night.


Art group was Picasso’s Girl with a Boat

20150122_18Started off as ever with picture study.  Sam’s memory is getting better, not sure if this sort of exercise is actually helping but will plug on as obviously not harming.

20150122_19We drew simple faces on paper.

20150122_14Cut them up into largish pieces.  Painting the pieces in bright colours.

When the paint was dry, drew over the lines with black sharpies and glued the pieces to black poster paper.  We rotated some pieces, left gaps and in Sam’s case went completely random as he discovered that using dark paint over the pencil hadn’t been a good idea.

20150122_16 20150122_17




Picasso – Girl Before the Mirror

We’re loving doing Picasso.  It’s the colours.

We took the activity directly from this blog

20150116_15 20150116_1120150116_16

The Girl with the Pony Tail – Picasso

When I first really started to be interested in art, modern abstract art never appealed.  My favourite painting was Paul Deloroche’s The Execution of Lady Jane Grey because it always fascinated me how realistic the fabric of her dress was.  I valued realism above all else.

Over last 8 years or so though I’ve developed much more of a taste for modern art – mainly due to the bright colours and the fun and creativity they inspire when working with children.

New term means new artist and one we couldn’t wait to get started with – Picasso.

As usual we started off with the picture book from the Anholt’s Artist’s series.  I can’t rate these highly enough.

Then we worked on two pieces of art.  The first was a simple pencil sketch of a live model (me).

20150108_20Then we looked at one of the more abstract pictures and discussed how Picasso had simplified some shapes and amplified others.

We took some photos of Sam and one out to A4 size.

Sam traced the picture on to tracing paper, simplifying the shapes.

20150108_10 20150108_13Then all the different areas we coloured in and the lines drawn over with black pen.  Very pleased with results.  We discussed the possibility of adding bolts as looked a bit Frankenstein like 🙂

20150108_6 20150108_17

I had a go too.

20150108_4 20150108_15


Rest of the day passed pleasantly enough.  He amused himself during spelling with daft notes :).  The writing activity was Thank you cards for friends who had bought him Christmas presents – others have long gone in the post but we’ve not seen anyone since Christmas really and these are ones to hand deliver.  We had a game of pairs for the first time in ages.


Afternoon was spent at a friend’s and then it was tea and Gang Show.