Dem Bones

Tuesday was another productive pyjama day.  We started off with making biscuit dough to chill ready for later.
English was looking at poetry, Jabberwocky in particular, so we had fun with that.  Maths took far longer than it should because Sam found out the problem solving section of Mathletics had been updated and spent an hour on there.
With Latin and Spanish ticked off we spent the rest of the morning finishing off Sam’s Ancient India lapbook. Long time since we’ve done a lapbook, still not sold on them but added something different to what we have been doing.


After lunch we moved on to science.  Bones! Reading and BrainPop videos.
We labelled bones on each other. Sam made a biscuit hand with the correct number of bones.  Then he made a spine with polo vertebrae, jelly ring cartilage and strawberry laces for the spinal cord.  We finished off with a model bone from sponges, kitchen roll tube, felt and wool.

20161011_12 20161011_13 20161011_15 20161011_17 20161011_20I have the boy’s cold and an infection in my ear so I had exhausted productivity by this point.  Sam played on Chesskid while I settled down to watch the last epoisode of Victoria (on advantage of no computer is I finally got around to watching it and watched entire series in a week) and do some sewing.
I spent the evening, hopefully ironing out the last few niggles with not having right fonts, programs, files, boxes ticked on programs to be productive workwise. Sam is keen on gaining independence in the kitchen so he spent the evening practicing making a varied selection of hot drinks and keeping me company with typically random conversation – think we covered time turners and Harry Potter and Hiroshima at some point.

Muddling Along

That very much was the feeling on Tuesday.  The relaxed, productive PJ days of the last few weeks gave way to making do.  Plumber was in all day.
We spent most of the morning playing maths games and problem solving.
20161007_2 20161007_4

Tiredness caught up with me after being up until midnight and wide awake at 4.30 working on trying to fix computer so I spent most of the afternoon on the sofa, watching a documentary on the Story of India and then napping lightly, sewing and jumping up to talk to plumber.
Sam built a model of DNA on Minecraft and then spent most of the afternoon playing on there.

20161007_5 20161007_7Lost track of the rest of the day.  I seem to recall that a lot of chess has been played this week.

Creative PJ Day

PJ Day is the best day of the week according to Sam!  I’ve got to admit I really value having a day at home a week too.

The day was all about creativity. After the usual maths, English, Latin and Spanish out came the craft supplies and he worked on natural sculpture and collage.


It was Sam’s idea to use clay.  I need to stick to my guns next time and remember Sam likes the idea of clay but hates the reality! It is okay to say no!

After lunch Sam wanted to build Lego.  He hasn’t been interested for ages but the Lego club magazine had come through the post and he actually picked it up and read it for the first time in probably a year. Then he dug out the Lego ideas book.


Seemed daft to quash the creative burst so he built and I read aloud from the History of India for much of the afternoon.

20160927_142405 20160927_142328We then had another attempt at ‘Civ5’ which fortunately worked. So Sam spent the rest of the afternoon honing his military strategy and I made salt dough for a home ed session we had today.

Autumn Walk

It actually felt autumny on Monday! We kept up our success rate of getting out for a walk on a Monday, although it was shorter than intended as left a sick Jack in bed so we caught a bus to the park where we were meeting friends. We had sun, we had rain, we had both at the same time – was lovely.

20160926_111451 20160927_14
20160927_7Motivation was leaf collecting for a group craft project – got quite a haul!


After finishing off maths and Spanish (had slotted in English and Latin before going out) we carried on watching Michael Wood’s Story of India, read some of his History of India book and did some work on his Ancient India lapbook.  Then he went on Civilization 5 to ‘be’ Ancient India and adopt a Buddist/Hindu (we’d been comparing religions) policy of non violence.

It crashed though and the day unravelled a bit. Recovered in the evening when he picked up a book on ancient weapons and forgot to be upset! Then the never ending questions started – not just weapons they go in seemingly random directions. He really is on fire with questions lately – the home educator in me smiles proudly, the parent in me screams ‘argh, slow down my brain hurts!’ and wishes once again that children came with off switches.