Boiling Alive

Is how I feel, pretty much.

On the home ed front things are going well. I have planned well and keeping up with what little I’ve allocated us isn’t proving hard.

Yesterday we’d easily finished by 11 so heading in to town, picked up lunch and a friend’s daughter and went over to laser quest. Despite the heat 18 children went in and had the usual fun. My plan on hiding out in the shade didn’t quite work out thanks to a cute 5yo who wanted to play – kickboxing in that heat was a mistake though.

Could have spent day on the top deck of the ferry, was nice and breezy. Sam had sun tan lotion in the eye hence the squint.

 Today started early as I went to view a hall with a friend for a group activity. Sam stayed home and got on with work. When I got back all that was needed was grammar, writing, science and some history reading.  
Telephones and telegraphs were the focus of science.
Sam made a circuit so we could do morse code with a bulb.
After that Sam experimented with the electical bits for a couple of hours with a quick detour into researching answers to questions I couldn’t answer.
At some point he decided to show me what a peg blutacked on to a motor felt like against your head. Unfortunately I had my back to him when I said yes to ‘can I show you something?’ so couldn’t point out the flaw with that. He quickly realised the problem and there was a lot of apologising as he spent 20 mins helping remove lots of knots, blutack and a motor from my hair. It was scissors job in the end.  Had to see funny side.

A Sciencey Sort of Day

Was Sam’s summing up.

After days inside waiting on deliveries, tidying out cupboards and dismantling and building furniture today was a day to get out.  For various reasons though didn’t want to go far and just ended up nipping into Fareham for a bit of shopping.  It was out though and we took my Dad along for the ride, having not seen him for a week.  Most of the return journey was spent discussing the structure on the hand – in particular why when you move one finger others move too.

This afternoon I wanted to finish off our electricity lapbook as it was starting to linger.  Before we did though Sam decided to have a second go at a lemon clock.  We’d bought one and had a go earlier in the week being unable to find the one I ‘knew’ I had in.  Of course I then found the original.20150424_1

Only it turns out the original was actually a box of kitchen science experiments.  So after the lemon clock we got distracted by …

invisible ink


vinegar and baking soda volcanoes

20150424_1020150424_11and rockets

20150424_7taking finger prints

20150424_14 20150424_15There was also looking at the sun (solar glasses had been found).


We eventually got back to electricity project and finished off by reading this book (the Science Works series is great), talked about the impact of electricity on human lives and put together the lapbook and spilt a drink all over it!

20150424_19 20150424_1720150424_1820150424_16

Then there was the science of optimum bag packing.  Cub sleepover!  I mentioned in my last post the difference in him the last year and I suppose that I’ve changed too.  Last year at the same event I worried, this time no.  Helps that his Cub leaders are fab.


Random photos of the week.  We’ve been doing a lot of moving stuff and building and dismantling.  Definitely a life skills week.  Sam is possibly second best in the house at this now :).  Also tried to get out in the sunshine and escape to the park when we could, sometimes with friends, sometimes just us.  For some people they won’t get what a big deal seeing Sam on the monkey bars is.  He is petrified of falling and it is only recently he will attempt the bars or fireman’s pole. Yes his feet are only a foot or so off the ground when he starts but for him that is big enough to be scary.  Children are all so different.

20150423_1220150420_9 20150420_10 20150420_12 20150420_15
20150425_10 20150425_12 20150425_13 20150425_11

Finally one of me.  Took the Guides to the Fire Station on Monday and I got to have a go with the hose.



Filling in the Gaps

I have a habit, probably like most bloggers, of focusing on groups, trips and projects but so much more goes on. So here’s a brief summary of what else we managed this last week.


Mainly Mathletics, focusing on column addition and subtraction and some multiplication.  Supplemented with Timez Attack.


Handwriting was practised.  We use Getty Dubay.  Working on book C so starting to learn cursive.  Grammar was focusing on prefixes, in particular dis and un and how they change the word to mean the opposite.  We started Writing With Ease level 2 and he’s managing the leap up and dictation well.  Spellings never troubled him.


3 days of Duolingo practice and weekly Spanish tutorial with a native speaker.


Using “Latin’s Not So Tough” we started an level 1 which was far too easy, on level 2 now and introducing vocabulary.  Isn’t particularly inspiring but only takes a couple of minutes and the simplicity of it appeals to Sam.  Won’t turn him into a fluent Latin speaker/reader but we’ll keep plodding through as long as he’s happy as like the idea of a bit of basic Latin to support English and Spanish.  He is already spotting similarities.


We read through our science book on Monday to take us up to where we needed to be for Tuesday’s Science club.  It turns out I don’t really understand Electricity so well.  I’ve bought a dreaded lapbook that we’ll hopefully work through this week and next to help both of our understanding.  One of the big questions about home ed is what happens when you don’t know something – well this – you find out.  I identified my understanding was lacking so researched and found a resource that I think will give us both a better grasp of it.

At group we looked at electrolysis and circuit diagrams.  Made different circuits and investigated the effects on a bulbs brightness from different numbers of batteries and bulbs.  We also made our own switches.

20150318_5 20150318_10 20150318_7



Friends round for Science and a play on Tues, off to another friend’s for the afternoon and then Cubs.  Weds was a group trip.  Thurs had friends for Spanish.  Friday was a play in the park with other home ed families while we failed to see the eclipse.  Love watching how good he is with younger kids and then he got to make a new friend as an old friend’s brother has joined the local home ed ranks.


Science Group – Introduction to Electricity

After a bit of a hiatus, when life unfortunately got in the way, we are back to having a fortnightly science session with friends.  The theme this half term is electricity.

Not a new idea to any of the kids, so more about exploring and having fun.

We started off with some fun with static electricity.  Sticking balloons to heads.

20150304_3 20150304_1Lots of balloons 🙂20150304_4 We then had a go at making tissue ghosts dance using combs.  Was far more successful simply combing hair rather than rubbing with cloths.  Then the balloons came back out.

20150304_6We had a failed attempt to make a battery using copper, zinc and vinegar.  I hadn’t managed to get hold of the thin strips they specified so it was a bodged together job anyway.

We then built simple circuits to light bulbs and tested various materials to see if they were conductors.

20150304_8They wanted to test gold so had a go with my wedding ring.20150304_10On to more circuits next time.