When Pete asked Sam if he’d been playing games all day, he said yes, dumping me in it somewhat. He did clarify he’d been playing the metaphorical Game of Life, which made me laugh.  I’d hope life feels more like a game than work anyway.

This morning I let Sam sleep in.  Heat is not our friend he was pathering about until gone 1 am when he went to sleep in our bed, coincidentally helping end my sleep for the night (been a very long day!)  When he got up he did his maths and accidentally tomorrow’s too.  The extra activity involved laying a treasure hunt for Jack, unfortunately he told him the prize was an ice lolly which made the steps between start and freezer a bit pointless 😀 English, Latin and Science were polished off too.

Then we did some science. Sam made an arch dam.

We looked at water pressure, comparing the outflow from holes positioned at different heights. A small water fight followed.

Final bit of science was investigating tsunamis. The afternoon was a lovely home ed group session. I’d set up some story telling props to make. We’d made versions at home before though so Sam happily settled for an afternoon of comic strip drawing, some collaboratively before playing bulldog outside.

Finally at home it was games time. I missed the photo before the game started. He’d spent about 1/2 hr setting it up as a pretty faithful map of 1939 pre-WW2 Europe.

Home Days

We’ve had a quiet few days at home ready for a busy second half of the week.
We’d expected a new home educator around yesterday but something came up last minute so Sam played with the Lego we’d got out and I booked home ed trips for Sep 🙂
Today I decided to be organised and get the stuff ready for science first thing before Sam was up properly as we’re reaching drifting stage with science, losing the hands on move.
With it set up we had fun with what we did; made canal locks in a tin and made a rubber duck sail through, tested materials to see if they were waterproof and made a hovercraft.
Then we spent a long time playing air hockey with the hovercraft 🙂
Taking it easy sort of day.


And grumpy to boot that sums up my day really.  Not been a bad one.
Maths, English, Spanish and Latin done efficiently.
Science done less efficiently and with total failure. We made a water table that didn’t work as wanted and a cartesian diver that wouldn’t dive. 
We watched a documentary on canals over lunch.
Afternoon had a brief discussion that tomorrow is Children’s Day in Japan, not sure depails sunk in. We made some origami in celebration, a Samurai helmet and some cranes.
My Dad was round by now so he and Sam played games. Sam took a trip to the library and I went to vote then evening crept up on us.
Listening to a game of Risk.

Ups and Downs

I came down with a horrible shivery lurgy yesterday and Sam was even feeling ill enough to declare Flip Out a no show. 
A quiet day was declared. Some maths, english, latin and spanish were done but only a little and nothing taxing.
We started watching a documentary about electricity before iPlayer stopped working and we moved on to Joanna Lumley’s Japan.
Sam played computer, I soaked in the bath.  We sent Jack for Subway (little of what you fancy 😉 ) and watched Fantastic Beasts.
Today we both had more energy but not for a proper day out. Instead we finished off Sam’s English for the week, read the last of the science book and made a track for an avalanche.
While that dried we nipped into Gosport for some food shopping but pottered around the charity shops, caught some Pokemon and went to the park first. Back home I spent some time sorting out refunds after a workshop organised for next week was cancelled. Not having good luck on that front this year.
After that we tried tipping different ‘snow’ textures (flour, icing sugar, salt and rice) down Sam’s avalanche board.  
The rest of the day was all about games.  We’d ordered some yesterday from the Happy Puzzle Company because they has a sale and we were surprised to find them here when we got home a lunch time today.  Also picked up a 1979’s Rubiks game in a charity shop and Sam had bought a new DS game.
So we have been playing.  

This is the runaway favourite. Pentago – a strategy game that was the one that leapt out at us as very much both our thing and we were right.  Good battle although Sam as always in these things had the edge.

Borrowed Time

We had a very productive start to the term even if I was still sketching out a plan for science this morning! After Easter productive days are usually on the scarce side so every good day is always a welcome surprise.  The fact that Sam’s alarm clock went wrong and got him up before 7 might have been a big factor.

His online Maths required some quite complicated mental arithmetic and took way longer than usual but he did well. Luckily this was balanced by his written maths involving no written maths and instead following some instructions for origami using vacabulary such as parallel, perpendicular.

This is how science is done. For English Sam made a map of an imaginary place to use for story telling. I read aloud from a My Story book, Mill Girl whil Sam made the map. Then we read from a history textbook and did some of the questions verbally.  It’s a KS3 book as the only thing I could find that covered what I wanted in the level of detail we wanted.  Planning to use the whole scheme in future as we do seem to be drifting towards being more book based.

We rounded off history with a documentary about the Industrial Revolution over lunch.  Afternoon was science based with looking at tunnels. We made a syphon.  Which worked impressively but I was too busy trying to stop the living room getting soaked to manage a photo.  Next job was a steam powered turbine. I wsn’t so convinced this one was a likely success and I was right.  Maybe US origami paper is different to Uk version as lets just say ours didn’t like steam 🙂
Aquifers and looking at groundwater pollution came next with more success. Final bit of science was more a bit of fun. We had been reading about the Channel Tunnel and how they dug from either side and met.  I gave Sam measurements to place his sticker on one side of the card and reversed them for me.  Then poked a pin through the centre of mine to see if we’d managed to match up.  No where near! Our tunnel was heading for the Netherlands we think 😉

Roblox, work (for me), more politics chat and a game of Risk saw out the day.

Where Did The Time Go?

One minute we were on target to meet all of our goals by 10.30 next thing I knew it was 12.15 and we needed lunch and to get ready for science group and we still had stuff on the list.  Nevermind it was a nice enough day.

Maths, English, Latin, Spanish, some of Asia unit, reading of our Stories from the Silk Road and some work from our Ancient China activity book.  We were looking at Chinese exploration and made a hanging compass (very successfully) and a junk (less successfully).

After lunch we had science where they made towers and tested their ability to withstand wobbling and ate a lot of jelly and marshmallows.
They then planned a newspaper tower and tried to construct it.  We didn’t use enough sheets in each roll though so needed a head to hold it up.

Sciencey Fun

The day didn’t get off to the best of starts when the person we were supposed to be meeting to discuss a future home ed activity cancelled.  I’d set chores around it and we were missing trampolining for it and although I am sure they had a good reason been cancelled on a few times lately and rather fed up.  Sam didn’t mention going trampolining and neither did I as his breathing is not as good as I’d like so relieved to miss it really.

He’s under there doing Spanish.The main focus of the day was looking at the forces that act on bridges.
After some reading and discussion of trusses he made 2 geodesic domes from cocktail sticks and marshmallows.  After we left the marshmallows to harden for a few hours he tested them by laying books on top.

We talked about gravity and made a card butterfly to find the centre of gravity and a parachute because that is what you do when you do gravity.

We filled 3 cardboard tubes with different materials and left one empty.  Then stood on them to see how they would stand up as girders.

We finished by demonstrating Newton’s 3rd Law by making four holes sideways around the bottom of a can and then filling it with water and watching it spin. To make use of our sudden free time we went out Pokemon hunting, returned some books to the library and had lunch in a new cafe in the village. 
Rest of the day has been reading, Roblox, Pokemon TCG online and now just about to watch more of The Silk Road.

Science, Sun and Ships

The major job of yesterday morning was science as we are a week off schedule!
The topic how things work was far too wide a scope so have taken Sam’s current interest in structures and architecture and we are looking at civil engineering, starting with bridges and tunnels.
We were starting off with an introduction to engineering.  Last week he’d made a pyramid from wood offcuts and mud and we’d let it dry.  Now he was testing the strength.  It withstood a vigorous earthquake but not a hammer 🙂
The next job was to make a bungee cord for an egg from a safety pin, elastic bands and a leg from a pair of tights.  Did get smashed eventually.
Finally we were looking at shapes of structures and testing them.  Tent structures not so strong. But we could see why columns are popular.
We then headed in to Gosport to replenish hayfever treatments and pick up lunch before meeting friends at the dockyard for laser quest.  Parents escaped outside.
Friends were heading to the Mary Rose after so we gate crashed.  It is so much nicer in there now it is not so horribly, horribly hot.  The views of the ship are awe inspiring.  Back to loving it again 🙂

Architecture Workshop

I had a bit of a mess up with my diary for today.  I’d expressed interest in a workshop for Sam and then as details weren’t confirmed for a while forgot and booked something for our local group on the same day.  Oops! However as the event I’d booked for today was something for the younger ones and since I was planning to abandon Sam in town to entertain himself or leave him home with my dad while I went with other people’s kids I don’t feel too guilty about asking someone to deputise on the day.  Slightly sad as seeing photos of happy children on the trip makes me think I would have liked to be there. It was one Sam and I really enjoyed a few years ago so I knew the younger ones coming up would and I’d have liked to enjoy it again with them, no feeling like the one that comes from helping to bring a smile to a child’s face.  I love it 🙂

Anyway I wasn’t there.  I was off having fun with my own child!  Very rare that I find myself booking a workshop run by someone else and I can’t remember the last time we did a workshop without knowing anyone on it.  Might be 10 years ago in our first year or 2 of home ed.  I nearly found reasons not to go and with Sam ill all week and me waking up with the lurgy this morning it looked like a non-starter but I went in to Sam and he was up and getting dressed at 6.30 (my obsessively earlyness kicked in). The subject matter really appealed to both of us and meant that we ended up there and were really glad we went.  Actually not going with friends was probably an advantage as was wholely focussed on workshop content.

We started with a tour of the cathedral highlighting various architectural features.

After a lunch break we had a workshop looking at gargoyles and grotesques with time to make a clay model of one.

After the gargoyles we had time on our own in the Cathedral for sketching.
Or in the adult’s case asking questions of the numerous helpful guides hanging about, and googling the answer on one of the guide’s iPads 😉

Two random photos.  The Cathedral itself and Jane Austen’s grave which I have always loved for it’s simplicity and is something I can’t help returning to.

We missed the bus home from the station by about two minutes (we were on wrong side of the busy road) so managed a charity shop trip and a decent collection.  Meant in the end we left the house just after 7am and didn’t get back until 5pm. As Sam said a long day but a good one.

Changes of Plan

It has been a few days of having to adapt plans while battling a cold (Sam) or aches and pains (me).  We’ve done well though.

We’ve managed loads of sit down at the table stuff.  Great strides through maths.  Move to a new Latin curriculum is going well.

Tuesday morning was a peaceful work and reading and documentary watching.  My Dad popped by of the afternoon since we’re out on Thurs (usually Grandad day) and we chatted over structure building from natural resources.

Trying to kick start art again we have picked up Sketch Tuesday again. Today was a panic as the people running the afternoon’s group for us cancelled so it was trying to let people know what was happening, deal with Sam who was reluctant to go (until they finally cancelled completely he was happy enough with my plans). 

Anyway we did some teamworking games and challenges, made costumes from newspaper and held a fashion show and played games.  All good fun.