To improve is to change. To be perfect is to change often. – Winston Churchill

This is very, very definitely a work in progress!


We don’t have a timetable as such.  We have a rhythm and a routine to our weeks and days.  Always a new one for a new year as we tweak the social side.

Our core basics (Maths, English, Languages and reading basket) I plan to a four day week.  The four days might be a different four days week by week to accommodate trips/events/mood.  I do allocate dates on a planner to individual tasks for Maths and English to try and make sure we but this is very much a guide and I plan by week rather than by day.  I plot in catch up weeks every now and again at times I suspect we might have got a bit behind.  Plus try and have a very light schedule for the last half term as June is always a hayfever blur.

It works best to get up and get on with core work first thing and ideally finished by 10.30.  Leaving rest of time clear for the more hands on/going out stuff.

We try and have a couple of regular social things on the calendar and everything else gets slotted in around those and one off events.  Aiming for 2 days a week that are ‘ours’ (no regular commitments) this year.

It’s hard to explain but I have a mental priority list of how things slot in.  I tend to over plan so when I look at science or project plans I know we probably won’t get through all of it but I have in my mind the most important.  What is most important will change as we go based on previous work.

Diary then gets done on a week by week basis.  I don’t use a proper diary, use a notebook instead for flexibility.  Start off with dates on the calendar and idea of regular events.  Then on one page of notebook have a list of the core tasks for English and Maths.  Then Science, project, RE.  Then have a column for carried overs.  Finally a list for extra ideas and at the bottom anything needed for the following week.  On the opposite page have the days and allocate things to days as I can.  This is new approach so very much work in progress.  Will sometimes allocate stuff on day by day basis so we have a lot of flexibility.

The planning that didn’t fit elsewhere








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