September 17

This subject marks something new in our HE journey this year as he starts online lessons in Computer Science from LearnTec.  We’ll supplement with more work on Python. He is also booked on a 6 week Lego robotics course.  Waiting for this place to open properly and announce programme as he’s enjoyed the workshops he has done there this summer so hoping it will be something we can tap into regularly.

Aug 16

We’ve always taken a hands off approach with this so far and let it just develop as an interest.  However it is very clear this is where Sam’s interests for the future lie and also he’s in need of help to take the next steps.

Programming wise we’re planning to start the year at least focusing mainly on Python.  Code Academy, Coding Club books and Pete will be employed as main tools.
I bought him a Microbit over the summer so the plan is to make use of that and then move on to a Raspberry Pi.  Apart from working through Code Academy and the Coding Club books with him (as much for me as him – suspect he’ll be the one leading me) I’m leaving this one to Pete.

Looking to the future he will want qualifications and iGCSE Computer Science doesn’t look hard.  I have bought a KS3 textbook and we will probably have a go at working through it slowly.

The other big project is to set him up a website so he can keep projects and bits of work together.  We are using a WordPress site which is of course WYSIWYG but I’ve learned a lot of html from playing with the code.

I’d like to do some work on Word and Excel too but think we’ll wait until summer months when we start staying in more.