Nature Study

Aug 16

We’ve pretty much finished our Enid Blyton book (it is a gem – I highly recommend).  The plan is for the first half of the year to look at and create natural art.  Focus is on the art rather than nature studies.  We’ll try and get out for more walks and look about us, do small science projects, look up answers to questions but this isn’t something I am really planning for.

Aug 15

Just read my plans for last year and laughed out loud.  They were very ambitious for us.  We’re not nature lovers, we like being outside but too many allergies to enjoy anywhere with plants for much of the year and we hate being hot.  More jumping in puddles and home for hot choc by the fire sort of people.

Plan to take a more or less completely unplanned approach this year.  We’ve loads of spotters guides (good ones) and activity ideas books.  Whenever time, weather, health and mood allow we’ll try and get out.  We’ve lots of nice walks on our doorstep.

Will include readings from our Enid Blyton’s Nature Lovers book and her Hedgerow, Woodland and Country Tales in our reading basket.  Curled up on the sofa with a book is our sort of nature study 🙂

Aug 2014

I may not follow it to the letter but I do love Charlotte Mason’s philosophy of education therefore I hope to resurrect the idea of a regular nature study session.  As much as I would like to fit in an ‘outdoor hour’ everyday, I am realistic enough to know it will never happen.  We have too many regular activities and while we probably get out most days, majority of that time is spent walking and/or bussing to one place or another.  The aim is  then to find a small space in each week to be outside for the sake of being outside.

I am hoping that we can combine it with the science group and possibly open invitation so friends join us twice a month but will depend on how organised I am and how science comes off with timing.

The plan is a four week schedule

  1. Pick an area to be the focus of a nature diary (probably a wooded area of the local nature reserve near the river) charting the changes in the seasons, mostly through photos and discussion.  Hopefully with friends.
  2. A practical activity – rock pooling, animal tracking, wild flower walks, bug hunts, bird spotting etc.   Hopefully with friends.
  3. A garden based activity – planting, weeding, harvesting… now I have a usable garden.
  4. A nature inspired craft, either done outdoors or using the spoils gathered on a walk.

I will not plan individual activities more than a couple of days ahead as nature stuff is very weather/tide/health dependable.  But here are just a few of the books we will draw on.


We’ll also supplement with a bit of reading.  These both cover events in nature month by month.



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