World Asthma Day

Normally we start the first ‘school’ day of the week by looking at a special event or festival that occurs that week.  I had intended to look at Children’s Day but Sam had other ideas!

Full of cold and cough it was declared a sick day.

I have to say this is one area where home education really comes into it’s own.  It is actually very rare for us to have a ‘day off’ because of Sam’s ill health, mine is a far bigger inhibitor actually as supervising crafts and science experiments is hard going when feeling below par.  Not that Sam doesn’t get ill, far from it – I dread what his attendance levels at school would be and the fuss they would cause, Jack’s at 98% were marked at risk of causing concern or other such pointless words. At home however we set such a gentle pace that much can be done curled up on the sofa under a blanket.

We spent Tues morning reading about and watching documentaries on Vikings.  By afternoon though he was deteriorating.

He was diagnosed with asthma very young (matter of months), wasn’t really causing an issue but sitting reading one night Pete and I just looked at each other and it was ‘you are not making that rattling are you?’ we are both asthmatic and know the ‘sound’.  However apart from one odd instance when he was 6 months he has never been admitted.  With support from the GPs and Asthma Nurse we have done a good job of managing it.

However for whatever reason, our management failed this week and due to combination of hayfever and viral infection a massive attack was triggered.  He has had bad attacks (possibly worthy of hospitalisation) before but we’ve managed to cope with help from his reliever, generally keeping him calm and steroids from the GP.  Was very obvious though this time that we were going to need help.

I suspect despite reading the articles in the press that morning courtesy of it being World Asthma Day we’ve all got complacent.  At one point on Tuesday night I realised that actually I was possibly the calmest person in the room and I could sense the concern from the medical professionals that nothing they were trying was helping and we were having trouble keeping him conscious.  Gave me a bit of a fright as for the first time it crossed my mind that people die of this disease and he might not see morning.

Luckily that was as low as it got, nebuliser started to work and he started to get better as quickly as he’d gotten ill.  12 hours later the wheezes were gone and he was happily playing with the bed waiting to go home.

Not been the easiest few days, he’s still under the weather with the infection, he’s on 4 hourly meds including through the night so I suspect I am starting to look a bit wild and crazy as can’t say I have had a vast amount of sleep this week.  He is also having to miss his first Cub camp which he has been eagerly anticipating since Jack first went four years ago 🙁

But looking at brighter side.

  • He didn’t become a statistic to be quoted in next years figures.
  • His treatment has been reviewed and bought up to date for his size/age.  I think there may have been a tendency from his asthma nurse and me to not query his treatment as had largely worked to date.  We’ve had the wake up call to make sure we’re on top of it.
  • He had great fun with the hospital bed.
  • Jack has been marvellous; incredibly mature, thoughtful etc couldn’t have asked for more from him.
  • Sam has coped with the Cub Camp blow very well, have promised him a ‘spoiling Sam’ weekend which he is very chuffed with.
  • We’ve had plenty of time to enjoy chilling together, mainly chess and hangman.  I even managed a couple of victories in chess training games.  No chance in the real thing 🙁
  • I’ve managed to catch up on loads of reading.  At the expense of sleep but hey ho needs sleep? Sleep is for wimps! 🙂