Bubble Fun

Yesterday was a glorious noisy, messy, house full of kids, summer day.

Jack and friend spent a while searching through the massive pots of change we have in search of penny falls money before disappearing for most of the day.  Returning when they were just too hot to the shade of Minecraft.

Sam and friends had an impromptu, loud music session before I sent the instruments, inc the annoying plastic guitar that I have always hated, home with a friend.

Afternoon was spent in a water fight, playing with tubs of shaving foam and whisking up soap flakes, playing with touchable bubbles (which are fab if sticky), putting each other inside person size bubbles and making castles from sand clay. Lots of fun, noise and mess đŸ™‚

20140723_1 20140723_2 20140723_3 20140723_8 20140723_10Bubble is actually stuck to his head!