Water, Water Everywhere and a bit of Indian Culture

We’re in mopping up mode, finishing off units and wrapping up projects.  After some maths and English Monday morning was mostly sppent playing with water colours.

Sam painted spots over the paper and we left it outside in the rain (amazing how few rainy days we’ve been home – this one has been on the list for a while).  Produced a good effect.  The line is him dropping a pencil on it while it was drying.

Sam also painted a reflection with an oilpastel cityscape

And we both did a water silhouette – paint a simple outline then fill in with water and add splodges.

There was even more art work as Sam worked on his penguin scratch art while I read aloud from our Story of India book.

The afternoon was dedicated to Indian culture, we read info and stories, listened to sitar music, watched Bollywood videos, coloured in costumes and played snakes and ladders and ludo.


Wednesday wasn’t the day I’d planned.  The intention had been to go to London to see the Colour and Vision exhibition at the NHM.  Been in the diary since August.  However with feeling under the weather I’d held off buying tickets until the day before.  With Jack ill though we waved the idea goodbye.  Sorry not to see exhibition but life is like that sometimes.  I think it was probably for the best for my health too as feel back on my feet now.  Will do the Natural History Museum in a couple of weeks I think anyway just to do the galleries as it’s been a while.

What we did instead was a bit of Maths, English, Latin and Spanish and then had a bit of fun with some Diwali activities.

We started of course with reading the story.  We have a lovely version from Barefoot Books that we’ve had since Jack was tiny and read many times over the years.

Years ago I bought a pack of Diwali activities for Rainbows thinking it was group size, which I suppose it was for a very small group – 6 of things.  I’d thrown it in the cupboard for us to use one day.  It wasn’t great, really poor pictures.  We did make some decorated elephants and coloured some masks.  I meant to do something with the masks but the day ran away.

20161102_12 20161102_21
Sam drew a rangoli pattern on the path and we mixed up paints from food colouring, flour and water.  Last time we did this (well it was a young Jack) it was still greeting me on my front doorstep well over a year later so back garden this time.

20161102_220161102_3 20161102_5 20161102_6Sam decided that he wanted to use the rest of the paint up like Jackson Pollock.  Impressed he could remember the name as must be at least 2 years since we’ve touched on him, who was I to stand in the way of mess?
20161102_7 20161102_9

As the sun was out we finally grabbed the opportunity to use some solar reactive paper that i have had in forever to make solar prints.  We used elephant and diya templates from the Diwali kit and some pebbles and leaves.

20161102_13 20161102_15 20161102_18Jack had perked up so in celebration of Bhaiya-Dooj, the fifth day of Diwali which is a celebration of siblings, they came up with recipes for the ‘perfect brother’.  Turns out they didn’t describe each other 😀

20161102_20Sam decorated the saltdough diya that he’d made the day before.  With lightsaber fights as you do.
20161102_19I then curled up with Jack to catch up on Class (Doctor Who spin off) and Sam played Roblox – new obsession.

In the evening he finally got around to opening the magazine that had come in the post.  I’d subscribed him to the How It Works magazine as part of an offer on Little Bird that I think was no cheaper than the publisher offer actually.  Bit of a punt, I’ve waved it in front of him a few times in Smiths thinking he’d love it, to be met with no interest.  Things arriving by post are different though.  Good call – he absolutely loved it.

20161102_25  Ended up coming to mine and Pete’s bed so he could keep asking questions and sharing facts long after I was drifting off.