Butser Farm – Saxon Workshop

Yesterday’s home ed trip was only the second I’ve ever felt the need to email and complain about. I suspect age has something to do with that, getting stroppy with age.
It feels odd complaining when my son did enjoy the day but when you’ve paid a lot of money you are looking for a bit of substance and the workshop was not well delivered, factually inaccurate at times (shockingly!) and really didn’t suit quite a few of the children. I checked my document trail this morning to know that I had informed them about SEN. Glad that Sam enjoyed it, but for once it’s a case of hoping that he wasn’t listening to the educational stuff rather than hoping he was.
Having about 6/7 school groups there so at times the group were merging as some of the activities were really close together really didn’t help. Never again and don’t recommend it as a trip. As a place though, if you ring ahead to check no schools in, it’s lovely.  Spent a very pleasant hour and a half there at the end with Sam and a couple of his friends, feeding goats and looking around.