Collecting Resources (Free Stuff)

With the new academic year on the horizon I, like so many others I expect, keep getting distracted by sparkly new resources.  However, there is not much we actually need.  We are still mid book with Maths and English having started in January with the current set of books, and having bought several years ahead when they have popped up second hand on the lists.

So I have distracted myself by tracking down free resources to support project work (actually got distracted again and started looking at more…).  All the links below provide free resources inc free delivery.




The British Legion produce a fabulous schools pack.  We received the 2013/14 pack but later in the year they sent through the 2014/15 pack off their own steam.

20140731_15Booklet from the OU.  One for older children probably.

Not received these yet as only ordered this morning.  DVD’s from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.



Teaching pack, posters and recipes on grain farming.

20140731_7Masses of resources ordered from various places on the FACE website.


20140721_620140731_8 Posters and teaching pack from the RNLI


Posters and leaflets on road safety



Free sample storystarter kit from Lego Education.



Adventure Group – World Fire Fighters Day

Fire brigade came along to Adventure Group today.

The let the kids play with hoses.

Have a sit in the engine.
Crikey doesn’t he look grown up!
Jack looking at the equipment in the front seat.
At they got out their kit to tell us about it.
Then time for lunch and a play.

On the ferry home we saw a very big boat doing something at a Gosport Marina.

Then it was time for piano. Jack has now finished the first level of the course he is following and loves it.
Then Cubs, but just as Jack was going I think tiredness finally caught up with him and I ended up staying and bringing him home 10mins in as he had a headache.